Granulated sunflower meal

DSTU 4638:2006 Sunflower meal

It is used for production of protein feed for poultry and livestock.

Organoleptic characteristics of sunflower meal

Indicator name Characteristics of toasted sunflower meal 
Exterior Granulated - granules of cylindrical shape
Color Grey of various shades
Smell Characteristic for sunflower meal, free of foreign odors (mustiness, mildew and burnt ones)


Physical and mechanical properties of sunflower meal

Indicator name Norm
Diameter of granules, mm 6,0 ÷ 20,0
Length of one granule, mm 10,0 ÷ 26,0
Mass fraction of granules passed through a 2 mm sieve, no more than 5,5
The bulk (poured) density, kg/m3, at least 600,0


Physicochemical properties and safety indicators of sunflower meal

Indicator name Norm
Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances, %, no more than 11,0

Mass fraction of ashes undissolved in 10 % hydrochloric acid, based on dry substance, %, no more than


Fat content and extractives in absolutely dry substance,%, no more than


Impurities content (stones, glass, earth, etc.)

not allowed
Mass fraction of metal impurities, %, no more than:
particle size up to 2 mm included
Crude protein in the absolutely dry substance, %, no less than 39,0
Mass fraction of crude fiber, based on the dry substance,%, no more than 23,0
Solvent residue (Nefras), %, no more than 0,08